about us

PERFECT BUILDING RENOVATIONS is a company that carries out an ambitious construction projects in collaboration with designers, architects and investors.

Based on years of experience and being fully involved in the process of renovation we built the company which is able to meet the expectations of very different customers. We can realize the modernization of buildings intended for public use, such as student campuses, offices, shops or clinics, but also more sophisticated individual investments, such as villas, houses and residences. The scope of work included in renovation is not a challenge for us. With pleasure and passion we will do roof replacement, build a new facility, do the exchange of electrical and sewage systems and all the finishing work. In collaboration with interior designer we are able to provide every detail of interior trim including individually and custom made furniture.

PERFECT BUILDING RENOVATIONS is financially affiliated with MATPLAST WINDOW SYSTEMS, manufacturer of PVC and ALU doors and windows. For 15 years, we operate in the window and door industry supplying our products to European markets. Many years of experience in dealing with the various markets of the old continent has enabled us to get to know the applicable standards in different countries. We have successfully delivered the window to the markets of Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium.
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